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Political Science

£1,200.00 £150.00

Course length 2 weeks
Start dates 22 Jun, 06 Jul, 20 Jul, 03 Aug


Students will work on projects that makes country a good one according to Good Country Index (GCI). GCI measures how each country on earth contributes to the common good of humanity, and what it takes away, relative to its size. The projects will be related to GCI indicators such as health and wellbeing, international peace and security, planet and climate, science and technology, etc. Students will also discuss whether countries exist purely to serve the interests of their own or they are actively working for the entire world.

Skills & Outcomes:

  • Understanding of Good Country Index Principles
  • Understanding of the World, Countries, Societies and Their Relations
  • Data Evaluation
  • Political Analysis
  • Communication
  • Project Planning
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Students will take one major course – Critical thinking, while working on different projects throughout the chosen field. However, the major course: Critical Thinking is included in the tuition fee.

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